Nightly UFOs In The Southern Vegas Valley

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of August 27, 2017.


This makes three nights in a row that UFOs have appeared in the Southern Las Vegas Valley. This video only has a single UFO this time instead of a pair. The night vision camera shows the intensity in brightness and to the point of disappearing. The objects I catch here are extremely interesting and can do many things.

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  1. I’ve seen these exact same lights now also I live off of sky cannyun and 95 with a balcony facing north I’ve been amazed by them, the way they float left to right and fade in and out is unbelievable

  2. I wish more people were looking. It took a long time to start hearing from other locals because very few people were seeing my videos. I went after them aggressively for more than three years but I have now slowed down because that aggressive pace was wiping me out.

  3. My first UFO capture on video came from your area. It passed over my home here in Summerlin, near the Red Rock Resort and by the time I got my phone camera out and running it was already near the hospital in your area.

  4. I can confirm Erin’s sighting on 08/30. I saw 4-6 incendiary-like flame orange dots. I live near Centennial and Tenaya and have a view north from a third story balcony. The objects first appeared NNW of my location, moved rapidly a bit more west, disappeared briefly and then returned again where I was able to discern at least 4 points of bright orange flame-like light that hovered together very closely horizontally for approx 20 more minutes. The truly remarkable thing was how the intensity of the light lit up the stratified cloud deck above it orange. I was dumbfounded the next day when I didn’t see anything else about it in the news. I would guess that the light was at least 15 miles NNW of my location. My military background made me contemplate the possibility of high altitude flares that are used by the military to light up large swaths of ground to identify enemy positions, especially because there were sandstorm warnings that night. Never quite seen anything like it. Glad to know someone else caught the show.

  5. This seemed even brighter than some of the others you’ve gotten. I wondered if any of your fellow area watchers put their video or photos of the same sighting as yours out for comparison of different angles,closeness,etc. It would be interesting to me,at least. You all have such a historical perspective and special place in this,our inclusive discovery.

  6. Hearing from other locals and especially people who fly for a living. I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me!

  7. It’s so amazing what goes on around here. We lived in our home here in Summerlin for three years before I began to realize what was happening. It was shocking at first to see that there was so much activity.

  8. We live in the Anthem area of Henderson, saw the same. At one point they appeared to be hovering right over the strip. Will definitely be looking out for more.

  9. DEDE Vecchiarelli

    I saw the pair of lights last night August 30 2017 bright and hovering then disappear I live in anthem saw them North west and due North from my home . I fly for a living and this was no airplane

  10. Thanks for the message Erin. One of the things I enjoy the most is hearing from other locals who are paying attention. Things are going a bit slower for me but I am still fascinated with this topic and what’s going on around here.

  11. We saw them Monday night and tonight, we are at the edge of town Northwest by 95 and Kyle canyon, looking due North to Northwest, got some on cell phone video, saw six, we saw the lights shoot across level and fade out started at 850 pm til 1015pm. There were more tonight alot of activity. The lights left and then it started to rain, haven’t seen anymore activity.

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