UFOs In The Southern Valley Of Las Vegas Again

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 19, 2017.


The weather finally cooperated enough to where it was a good time to get outside and watch for UFOs. A reliable pair of amazing UFOs showed up for me in a part of the southwestern valley where I have captured them many times before. I am hoping that the conditions have improved enough to make going outside is worth it. The heat and the wind have been unbearable for more than a month. Combine that with me being burned out a bit on going outside every night and what you get is a lack of new videos for people to watch.

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  1. I called the news reporter who tried to investigate the crash. He could not get anyone involved in the report to tell him what happened. He felt it was a joke but I did find the photo of the semi blocking Lake Mead Blvd. I have also filmed UFOs in that are about three times during the past three years.

  2. It’s reported on a Facebook page as well, if your search Las Vegas UFO you will find the group. They said people were reporting it on a Las Vegas incident “crashes, fires etc” group, then it got all deleted

  3. 7/21/2017: “There’s a rumor going around Vegas that a UFO crashed into Lake Mead last night”.


    I wonder if your video and the news/link from Twitter correlates in any way?

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