Two Nights Of Night Vision Captures In The Southern Valley

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the nights of April 30, 2017, and May 1, 2017.


The Southern Valley of Las Vegas is proving to be a UFO hotspot. I am learning that incredible things happen here regularly. I combined two nights worth of video together. The first night there was a lone UFO above and beyond the southernmost part of the Blue Diamond Hills. It happened before it became all the way dark so the clip is easy to see. When the light from the UFO went out and began moving I was hoping it was still light enough to see the UFO moving but I couldn’t detect it until it got closer to the little pyramid looking mountain. It then moved into the valley on a straight horizontal line which told me it was in the sky and not on the ground. If it was on the ground it couldn’t have moved as fast or in a perfectly straight line because the mountains are so uneven. Last night I caught more weird UFOs not too far from where the UFO from the night before was filmed. It appears that there were as many as three objects there that ultimately appeared to merge with each other and finally fade out to nothing.

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