Spring Mountain Range Lights Witnessed By Four People

I shot this video while with three other people in the southwestern desert area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 8, 2017.


After watching this video several times I had to make a stand alone video of just this event. The video I put out when this happened began with four bright lights that easily could have been ATV’s and I think they took something away from how amazing this video was. It was also amazing because there were four of us watching this. It happened more than sixteen miles away and we all took turns looking at it through the cameras. Even then you don’t see it as well as you do when the video is ready and published. I can’t estimate how large it was but it had to be pretty big because it occupied a fairly large footprint for being as far away as it was. I am pretty sure that the white light and the yellow light weren’t the only lights because you could see the light beams from three lights. One of them seemed to be in the back of the yellow light on the left. Donald had also noticed that when it appeared that it descended a bit before it stopped and sat still. It seemed to me that it was sitting on something because it was holding so still but if you look at the mountain where it was it seems there is no place to land because it is so steep in that spot. Once it began to move to the left I knew it had to be in the air. The lights began to shrink and turned a deep orange before it finally disappeared. If you are going to ask several people to go out UFO hunting with you this is the kind out outing you hope for.

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  1. Interesting footage. Since the scene was shot with both night-vision and camcorder, it might be interesting to see both views side by side for comparison. In addition, it would be valuable to see a daylight shot from the same location at a similar magnification to get a better idea of the landscape and a map might help help estimate the object’s location and size. In the night-vision footage, white light first appears dimly to the left of the ‘object’ (at approx. 1:02) grows brighter spreading to the object’s right. This appears to me to be light reflected from a linear surface or feature in front or back of the central light. It’s difficult to tell which since the extremely bright central light washes out detail in the middle. I realize you must technical and equipment limitations, so please don’t take these as critical comments, more food for thought. I enjoyed your appearance on UFO Planet with Mr. Crapo. It’s what brought me to your site. Keep up the good work.

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