Cloaking UFOs Has To Be Very Real

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 11, 2017.


On April 4, 2015, I decided to go alone to the exact location where these amazing objects are usually in the air. I wanted to go on a night where it was likely that it would be active. I called one local friend and told her my plans. That may have been a mistake. I got there just before the sunset. There were still people there with their off-road vehicles but not many. By the time it got dark they had all loaded up and departed. I was the only one still there. I saw a pickup truck coming down the road and it had a spotlight on it that they were using. They shined it my way briefly but kept on going and parked a few hundred yards away from my car and turned off their lights. That’s just before my car began to flash its lights and lock itself over and over again. It did that five times in less than five minutes. It had never done that before or after. I feel that the people in the pickup truck were probably camo-dudes and knew I was coming. I think they had some sort of device that caused my car to do that so that I would get scared and leave. It was very spooky and I don’t mind admitting that. Thinking about the possibility that there might be cloaked crafts there I was even looking visually and through my phone camera to see if I could detect any distortions in the sky but there was nothing. I wasn’t seeing anything at all and stayed about twenty more minutes before I decided to leave and go home. I have to admit that it was a relief to get in my car and start rolling out of there. I made a point of driving right past the pickup truck but couldn’t see anyone inside. As I got onto the freeway (I-15) I kept looking to see if I could see anything as I was driving…. Nothing! It took me about twenty-five minutes to get home. I walked in the door and went straight out the back door and immediately set up my camcorder. Sure enough, just as I suspected there was plenty of activity happening in the very same location I had just left twenty-five minutes earlier. They were probably there all along, I just couldn’t see or hear them. After three years of doing this every time I can, I have come to the conclusion that almost all UFOs cloak themselves and cannot be seen if you are too close. That said, I also believe that if someone is far enough away the cloaking fails to hide them. This theory also helps explain why there are so few legitimate close-up UFO videos.

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  1. Think their placing odds on which car wins? Gotta’ wonder what they think of us…
    Again,nice guitar.

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