Amazing Lights On Or Floating Near Cliff Edge In Spring Mountain Range

We shot this video from the southwestern area of the Las Vegas Valley on the night of March 8, 2017.


This is the camcorder low-light version of the night vision video I posted the day before yesterday of the lights the four of us observed high on the cliff edge of the Spring Mountain Range. This was an impossible place to be if in a vehicle. I had assumed it was just sitting there but now I am not so sure because it began to move at the end of the video and just disappeared. I measured the distance from us using Google Ruler and it was right at sixteen miles away. The two brightest lights were slightly different colors with the left one being yellow and the right light being white. You could see rays of light from at least three lights. Just before the lights disappeared they turned to a darker orange. I didn’t do any commentary so what you are hearing is the four of us just talking.

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