UFOs Keep Appearing Out Of Nowhere In One Spot

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 3, 2017.


When the lights first appeared they were so dim I thought that the night vision monocular was the way to go. I tried it but there were so many other lights under the UFOs it flooded the camera with light, so I decided to use the digital camera and set it for low light so I could see the objects. Because I was filming what appeared to be two dim lights I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a video that was worth publishing. I am glad I kept on them because over a period of nearly one hour many things happened. More and more UFOs would appear and then disappear. I lost count on how many individual objects there were in the video. This is the first time I have ever captured video in this exact location. Strange things happen back in this remote and hidden area of the base. I hope you have the time to watch the entire video. It does start out slow but by the end, I hope you are glad you watched it.

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  1. Lol…good point,and point taken! Maybe I shouldn’t say everything that comes into my head.
    You think?

  2. I probably do say things out loud at times but never with the thought, they could hear me. There are more than 2,000,000 people here in Las Vegas and I have alway felt that there are too many thoughts happening for them to pull on voice out of all that noise.

  3. Once again I find myself absolutely entranced with your captures. I should have been tending to jobs that should have been done by now. (I could have gone to the feedstore,grocery and postoffice and been back,if I hadn’t started watching!) I have a hard time these days making myself care about normal everyday things(take a shower,for Pete’s sake)!
    One thing I want to ask(only one?): have you noticed that sometimes you ask out loud”where did you go?”and then immediately afterward,the light or lights pop back in the picture? I’ve had this happen with me more times than I can remember. Maybe that’s a silly conceit but it’s just been true too many times for me to dismiss it.
    Anyway,peace be with you and thankyou.

  4. Hi Diana, thank you for the message. It’s hard to know what to think anymore. I now have more questions than ever before. Assuming that over the past three years I have most likely seen bot ET and manmade crafts it’s hard to tell which is which because both are capable of doing such amazing things. I am wondering specifically now about triangles. I do not remember any incidences of anyone reporting them when I was younger. Now there are many reports of them. A witness contacted me because of one of my recent videos. He found me because of the location and the time stamp on the video. From my spot, I could just see the light. He was much closer and saw an amazing triangle that was fairly large. It floated silently while rotating counter-clockwise while at the same time it was slowly tumbling in the sky. It is all so amazing.

  5. Wow – that was amazing – I had heard a couple people say they saw UFO’s over Vegas March 3, 2017 however this is the only coverage I have seen of this event – AT ALL! Thank you for posting this. Personally I doubt it was anything from Nellis AFB man-made – the dynamics of the ships movements were not something I believe we have mastered the technique of, not that that thought can be verified either way since there is so much secrecy when it comes to the military.
    Thanks for the footage – keep on shooting!

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