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LogoBecoming a UFO Hunter was never anything I had aspired to do but I have always believed in UFOs and that several alien races have probably been visiting our planet for many thousands of years, but I never got overly excited about the subject until October 13, 2011. On that night I had my first close up UFO sighting. It was on that day that my interest in, and need to talk and learn more about UFOs went through the roof. At the age of 57, I finally had rock solid confirmation that UFOs really do exist! If or when it happens to you, you will then know exactly what I am talking about. All of a sudden you find that you are compelled to tell your friends and family about what you saw only to have it fall on deaf ears on many occasions. They may be polite to you or honest, but the reality is that many folks automatically think that you are some sort of lunatic the first time they hear the words that you saw a UFO come out of your mouth.

I get my fair share of criticism from non-believers, arm chair quarterbacks that think they know better than me about what I am filming despite the fact that they may have never even been to Las Vegas or even seen a UFO before, and from people (so called experts) in the field that think I should be doing all of this in the way they think I should be doing it. They say that nobody will take me seriously because I am not performing to their standards. I want them to know right here and now that I don’t do this for the people who think of themselves as higher-ups in the UFO community. I could care less about notoriety or being recognized as one of them and I only want to get what I have been documenting on video out to anyone who is interested in seeing the real thing. I am just trying to do the right thing. I don’t have any information that suggests that these are anything but a technology that occupies our skies with impunity all over the planet even though I do have my own ideas about them. At the end of the day, this is no less spectacular because the technology behind all of it is so off the hook. I don’t know who they are, where they came from, or what their purpose is but I do know much more about their behavior and the fact that they return to the same spots over and over again in many cases. This month (April 2017) makes three years in a row that I have been doing this every chance I get. I am only one person and am only capable of doing so much. I could care less about being in any groups and only want to share what I do with the people themselves.

This website is dedicated to the storage of my videos and other evidence along with being a sister page to my YouTube Channel which is called “UFO’s In The USA.” I will also be posting links to interesting UFO-related pages and groups. I will cover UFO’s in the news as well with regard to UFO crashes and interesting videos and stories. I hope you enjoy the website! Just in case you aren’t already signed up I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.

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